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What can you do as a Guest Post Writer?

  • Provide expertise and information to our readers.
  • Engage readers with your message.
  • Inspire company owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.

which topics you can write for us?​

  • Technology 
  • Informational  
  • Stock
  •  AI
  • SEO (search engine optimization )
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What are the criteria to write for us?

  • The post should be properly written in English.
  • The content should be completely unique. The post must be original and not previously published; plagiarised content will not be allowed. All of our articles are run through a plagiarism checker to ensure that the written content has not been published previously, either partially or completely.
  • The content should be at least 1000 words.
  • Give a good title and description to the post, including a keyword.
  • Divide the information using appropriate headers and sub-headings.
  • The articles must be submitted in Word.doc or .docx format; no other formats will be allowed. 
  • The text should be simple to follow and understand, helpful, and informative.

  • Provide citations for the data and statistics used in the article.

  • If any images or quotes are included, they must be properly credited in the piece.

  • Text should be appropriate for readers of all demographic backgrounds.

Which guest posts are not going to be approved?

Before submitting your post or article, please check our website to make sure a blog on a related topic hasn’t already been posted. Topics that have already been published on our website will not be accepted.

We won’t discuss irrelevant or uninformative subjects. Topics including search engine optimisation, internet marketing, website development, web design, graphic design, and e-commerce have to be relevant to our company.


You can email us your articles or blog posts, and if we think our visitors would find them interesting, we’ll feature them on our website. Make sure you read the blog post criteria as well as the topic requirements before submitting the post. Please email the story to us.

The aforementioned criteria will be used to evaluate the post or article. If it meets the requirements and the content is unique and hasn’t been published anywhere else, we’ll put it up on our website.

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