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successful life

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successful life

1 : Don’t waste your time

it’s my personal experience that if you waste your time you will not reach and achieve your goal, time is money so use your time and make money, when you reach your goal and you have a lot of money then you can waste your time, Otherwise everyone degrades you, and then you can go in deep depression, everywhere you have lots of problems but you have nothing, you could not remove every problem, then you think deeply, why you did not focus on your goal why you did waste your time, why you have nothing today, why every problem come with you. so this is your time, don’t waste your time.

2 : Friends

Everyone has a lot of friends, but if your friends tell you the right way, you are lucky. If not, then you are still alone and move on and make new friends.
I suggest you if you want to become a businessman, then you will make businessman friends, if you want to become a sportsman then you make friends on your sites,
don’t make random friends because you have no goals no achievements with them.

3 : Improve your niche

First, you think, about what you want, then focus on there, and improve yourself. because if you can’t focus on your goal, you have no success.
Take right way, if you lose first, make smile on your face and tell himself let’s do again, you lose lots of time but if you still try again one day you will achieve your goal.
Now you think how did you achieve your goal? then you speak loudly and tell everyone of your success story. you can tell how to achieve a goal, how you did not lose your focus when you are down,
Now it’s your time you can do anything.

4 : Respect your Parents

The most important thing in your life, and it’s your Right, is to respect your parents.
if you think you can achieve and make your goal without your parents you are wrong,
because you are nothing without your parent’s prayers. You have a lot of skills and too much knowledge, but if you have no single words of respect for your parents, your skills and your knowledge can not make you a good person, the first priority is to respect your parents, then your way straight and every problem you can solve within minutes.
And ALLAH will also help you when you respect your parents.

In the difficult tapestry of existence, one of the most enduring threads is the bond between parents and youngsters. From the instant we draw our first breath, our dad and mom become our guiding lighting, navigating us through the labyrinth of lifestyles with their wisdom, love, and sacrifices. Yet, in the hustle and bustle of cutting-edge dwelling, the profound significance of honoring and respecting our parents can once in a while fade into the historical past. It is within the essence of this timeless virtue that we discover the essence of our humanity – recognize.

Respecting our mother and father transcends mere obedience; it’s miles a profound acknowledgment of their useful role in shaping our lives. It is an expression of gratitude for the limitless nights they stayed unsleeping to comfort us in our distress and their unwavering support in times of triumph and tribulation. It is an understanding that their studies, trials, and triumphs are wellsprings of know-how from which we can draw nourishment for our journey.

The roots of appreciation in the direction of our parents delve deep into the soil of cultural and non secular teachings, echoing throughout civilizations and epochs. In every culture, honoring dad and mom is respected as a cardinal virtue, a testimony to the familiar recognition of their exceptional importance in our lives. From the Confucian teachings of filial piety to the familial bonds celebrated in Hinduism and Christianity, the message is apparent – respect for one’s parents is a cornerstone of a harmonious society.

But appreciation isn’t merely a duty but a reciprocal exchange of affection and know-how. Just as our dad and mom nurture and manual us, they too yearn for our respect and appreciation. It is within the gentle contact of a hand, the attentive ear lent to their testimonies, and the willingness to cherish their presence that we weave the material of admire. As we tread the path of life, our roles may shift, and the care as soon bestowed upon us can be reversed. In these moments, the honor we sow in our adolescence turns into the foundation upon which we construct our relationships with older parents.

In an international fraught with discord and division, respecting our parents is a beacon of team spirit and compassion. It reminds us of our shared humanity, transcending the boundaries of age, race, or creed. When we honor our dad and mom, we uphold the sanctity of family, fostering bonds that face up to the check of time.

Yet, the journey of respecting our dad and mom isn’t always without its challenges. In a society that regularly glorifies independence and self-reliance, the virtues of humility and deference may be misconstrued as signs of weak points. It is vital to domesticate a way of life that celebrates the virtues of appreciation and gratitude, nurturing them within the hearts of each era.

As we traverse the labyrinth of existence, let us heed the timeless understanding that echoes through a while – admire your parents. Let us cherish the moments shared, the instructions learned, and the affection bestowed upon us, for in honoring our parents, we honor the very essence of our humanity.

5 : Remember ALLAH

Every Muslim knows Allah is everywhere, so why don’t we remember? 5 times a day, ALLAH says to come and get the key to success, but we can’t listen because today, everyone is just running to make money. Still, Muslims know if ALLAH Wants, then Allah gives RIZQ insects in the stone.
so do NAMAZ and get the key to success.

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