Successful life This 5 Things Apply In Your Life

successful life

successful life

1 : Don’t waste your time

it’s my personal experience if you waste your time you could not reach and achieve your goal, time is money so use your time and make money, when you reach your goal and you have lot of money then you can waste your time, Otherwise everyone degrade you, and then you can go in deep depression, everywhere you have lots of problems but you have nothing, you could not remove every problems, then you thing deeply ,why you did not focus on your goal why you did waste your time, why you have nothing today, why every problems come with you. so this is yours time, don’t waste your time.

2 : Friends

everyone have a lot of friends, but if your friends telling you the right way so you are lucky if not then you still alone and move on, and make new friends.
i suggest you if you want to become a business man then you will make business man friends, if you want to become sportsman then you make friend on your sites,
don’t make random friends because you have no goals no achievements with them.

3 : Improve your niche

First you think, what you want, then focus on there, and improve yourself. because if you can’t focus on your goal, no any success.
Take right way, if you lose first, make smile on your face and tell himself let’s do again, you lose lots of time but if you still try again one day you will achieve your goal.
Now you think how did you achieve your goal? then you speak loudly and tell everyone of your success story. you can tell how to achieve goal, how you did not lose your focus when you down,
Now its your time you can do any thing.

4 : Respect your Parents

Most important thing in your life and its your Right, this is respect your parents.
if you think you can achieve and make your goal without your parents so you are wrong,
because you are nothing without your parents prayers. You have lot of skills and to much knowledge but if you have no single words of respect of your parents, your skills and your knowledge can not make you good person, first priority respect your parents then your way straight and every problem you can solve with in minutes.
And ALLAH will also help you when you respect your parents.

5 : Remember ALLAH

Every Muslims know Allah is every where , so why we don’t remember, 5 times in a day ALLAH says that, come and get a key of success, but we can’t listen because today everyone just run for make money but Muslims knows if ALLAH Want then Allah give RIZQ insects in the stone.
so do NAMAZ and get the key of success.

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